Gujarat witnesses a surge in COVID 19 cases and mortality rate

Published : Jun 22, 2020 09:19 am | By: Priya Ghosh

Gujarat witnesses a surge in COVID 19 cases and mortality rate


With the rise in COVID 19 cases all across India despite the Central governments efforts of flattening the curve is become a matter of great concern. Gujarat which is also one of the larger states in India is facing a crisis since the number of cases has been spiking and the mortality rate in the state is also on the rise. This has led to the opposition parties blaming the state government for not handling the situation well.

 The coronavirus pandemic has made all the states across India extremely vulnerable and each state has been combating this pandemic in their qwn  way. In Western India in the state of Gujarat   Ahmedabad, is the largest city and home to more than seven million people. In large states like these it is becoming very difficult for the state governments to handle the pandemic and so the state of Gujarat has become one of the worst hit states accounting for more than 75% of the state's caseload, and nearly all of its deaths.In terms of caseload Gujarat has been recorded as the fourth largest . However the fatality rate in proportion of the patients affected by COVID 19 is the highest.

All eyes are on Gujarat mainly because it is the state where PM Narendra Modi hails from. However there are several reasons which have resulted in such high mortality rate in the state. There are experts who point out about the high disease burden of the state but that is not very unique to this state. There are other states which have the same problem as well. The CM of Gujarat Vijay Rupani has asserted that the reason is mainly due to the international travellers who attended the religious congregation in Delhi. However, this is also not unique to the state as other states have also been suffering from this.

It has been observed that "People reporting late to hospitals with private hospitals either refusing or unable to admit Covid-19 patients, many individuals are unwilling to  to seek treatment in government hospitals, as per doctors.. It is alarming that people have been reluctant due to the lack and poor facilities. Not just patients but doctors also have a kind of stigma This was deciphered after a meeting with the hospital staff at the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital.

Experts have said that there has been very low rate of testing in several parts of the city of Ahmedabad  especially in the old city parts. As per economists, the government exhibited lack of focus in terms of handling the situation in the containment zones as well.Ten out of eleven zones in the city of Ahmedabad were containment zones which are densely populated. As these zones were cut off from the main city, the officials failed to go to these areas for regular checks for the spread of the virus within these zones itself.The pandemic has exposed various flaws of the state including the state's poor health infrastructure.Also a spike in cases has also led to the dearth of hospital beds. PPE kits and quarantine facilities. Sometime back the state of Gujarat had overpowered in the total number of infections but the situation remains critical with the steep mortality rate.

The state/s health minister Nitinbhai Patel earlier had said that they have not failed in their duties. He mentioned that their medical staff has been working round the clock at every hospital and they have been provided with the best of medical equipment to handle the situation and the situation is slowly coming under control. But the government has been slammed by many for not taking the opportunity as the state of Gujarat had reported cases as late as March 19 just a few days before the nation went into lockdown. According to many the government policies have not been very tight and could have been better Initially the testing and isolation facilities seemed very sound, however, the condition deteriorated as the administration could not keep up with the pace.

 In a rally in Gujarat Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi attacked the BJP government and said that the high mortality rate in the state has exposed the Gujarat model He tweeted, the figures comparing the mortality rate of Gujarat with the Congress-ruled States or States where the party is part of the ruling alliance.


Gandhi has been hitting out at the BJP over the handling of the COVID pandemic. He also shared a graph that showed how the four phases of lockdown have flattened the curve of the economy and not of COVID-19 deaths. In another statement,  senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel blamed the Gujarat government of “drastically reducing” its healthcare expenditure over the years. Patel pr3esented data that claims that Gujarat ranks 33rd out of total 36 States and UTs in achieving full immunization.

 The Gujarat Congress also accused the namaste Trump even which was one of the causes of the spread of coronavirus in the state along with allegations that the government of Gujarat hid the actual figures of COVID-19 cases by earlier reducing the number of tests and now by not sharing proper information with the public. The Congress alleged that the BJP-led government had removed certain information from its coronavirus dashboard, stopped daily briefings and has not shared district-wise figures with people of the state.

 It is becoming very difficult for the Gujarat government as the cases of COVID19 are rising with deaths being reported constantly due to it.