Mamata’s Injury: Is it an Attack or an Accident?

Published : Mar 13, 2021 12:15 pm | By: M D Sridharan

Mamata’s Injury: Is it an Attack or an Accident?


Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee got injured during her campaign trail in Nandigram. While TMC claimed it as a conspiracy to attack her, BJP rubbishes it as a mere accident.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee got injured during her campaign trail in Nandigram on the evening of 10, March, 2021. She injured her foot and also received bruises on her face. She alleged that she was pushed during her visit to for file her nomination.

The Trinamool Congress alleged that it was a well- planned conspiracy to "remove her" from the poll campaign. "Many people don't want her to campaign for the elections. They want her to be removed from their path. The BJP should be ashamed of themselves that they have stooped so low that they are attacking a woman," TMC leader Sougata Roy said. Claiming that the attack was a "deep-rooted conspiracy to take the life of TMC chief", TMC said that anti-social elements have been "mobilised from the neighbouring states by the BJP in Nandigram" to unleash violence.

 "I was standing outside my car with the door open. I was going to a temple there to offer my prayers. Few people came around my car and pushed the door. The door hit my leg," said Mamata Banerjee. According to sources, Magmata Banerjee has suffered injuries on lower limbs and lower back as well as swollen, tender and very painful left ankle.  As the nature of her injury seemed serious she was rushed to Kolkata for treatment. She was admitted to the SSKM Hospital in Kolkata where a team doctors treated her.

While TMC leaders attacked the BJP for the incident, The BJP leaders called the incident a "drama" to gain sympathy. Tweeting a picture of Mamata Banerjee from the hospital, Abhishek Banerjee wrote, "BJP- Brace yourselves to see the power of people of BENGAL on Sunday, May 2nd.

The most common question that arise in the minds of the general public is that how could a group of people push down a Chief Minister despite the presence of so much security.  The BJP points out  that she is a Z-plus protectee and has a total of 18 vehicles in her cavalcade which includes four pilot cars, other vehicles and presence of senior police officials.

The West Bengal unit of the BJP raised questions about the incident. BJP not only refuted Mamata’s claim that she was attacked but also criticised her for faking the attack. BJP's West Bengal unit president Dilip Ghosh demanded a CBI probe into the alleged attack and said that it needs to be seen whether the incident was a true incident or a well-scripted drama to garner votes.

Moreover, the BJP stated clearly that she is nervous about her prospects in Nandigram and has now lost confidence, if any, of the people too. She is only trying to gain sympathy votes in an already-lost battle.

There were reports on by some eyewitness of the incident who did not corroborate the 'attack' version of the Chief Minister and also the people of Nandigram were upset and angry at her for blaming them and bringing disrepute.  Meanwhile Trinamool Congress workers  and activists resorted to widespread  arson. They blocked roads, burnt tyres and raised slogans, blaming the BJP for the incident across the state.

The three-member TMC delegation, led by state minister Partha Chatterjee, registered a complaint about the incident with the Election Commission of India  and demand a thorough probe.TMC accused the EC of acting 'as per orders' of the BJP and claimed that Mamata Banerjee was not  provided proper security. TMC pointed out that it is the duty of the EC to ensure the safety of the candidates.

On its part the BJP A delegation of the opposition BJP is also scheduled to meet the EC officials to demanded not only a proper investigation into the incident but also wanted the  video footage of the incident to be made public so that the people get to know what actually happened

The EC refuted the statements made by the TMC and said that it seems "undignified to even respond" to allegations that the poll panel is doing things in the state at the behest of a "particular party". The EC stated that while at the outset that injuries sustained by Mamata at Nandigram "is indeed an unfortunate incident and deserves to be inquired into with promptitude and dispatch", it is rather unfortunate that the memorandum in question is full of insinuations and averments, which, in fact, questions the very basis of creation and functioning of (the) Election Commission," the letter said.

In a strongly worded letter to TMC, the EC stated that the accusation stated by the TMC is virtually tantamount to undermine the very foundation of the Constitution of India, the most sacrosanct document in democratic polity. The Commission does not appropriate or take over the day-to-day governance of any state including West Bengal.

TMC has also accused the EC  over the removal of West Bengal Director General of Police Virendra. TMC claimed that the  law and order situation in Bengal was good. But, after the announcement of elections, law and order become the responsibility of the EC. The EC removed (the) DGP of the state police, and the very next day she was attacked. The poll panel replied  that Virendra was not removed summarily and without any application of mind and it  was the outcome of the recommendation given by Special Observers Ajay Nayak and Vivek Dube.

Further, EC which had issued an investigation into incident issued a preliminary report that clearly stated that the incident was 'not an attack' but an accident due to a massive crowd.  Based on the  video footage and accounts from police and eyewitnesses including members of the TMC, EC issued the report stating  that the chief minister was hurt when her car, while maneuvering through a crowded bazaar, hit a small iron pillar. Moreo0ver, the  Chief Minister was waving at people with her car door open and hurt her feet when the car door slammed shut after hitting a pillar. Also, the preliminary investigation by the police too revealed the incident was an accident, not an attack.

Soon after EC released the report, Mamata released a video from her hospital bed  urging her supporters to remain calm. In a video message, the TMC chief said she was on the footboard of her vehicle and got sandwiched between the door and the front seat due to the pushing by the crowd. She said that she will be back for the poll campaign in a few days and will use a wheelchair "if needed".

 Probably, the TMC Chief would have realised that  her initial reaction describing the incident as a conspiracy and attack on her  could hurt her own supporters and also hamper her victory.