Mamata Banerjee showing overconfidence with her new tactics

Published : Nov 07, 2019 09:00 am | By: priya ghosh

Mamata Banerjee showing overconfidence with her new tactics


As the Assembly election in Bengal is coming closer, Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is exuding a lot of confidence and is trying to pull the people towards her with her new appeasement tactics. But if the tactics will actually work is another story.

As the Assembly, the election in Bengal is nearing, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is busy trying out her appeasement tactics. She is shoeing her overconfidence and recently she said that it will be a sin to even think that the TMC will not win the 2021 Assembly election. She emphasized that in the coming days her regime will be there and no one will be able to topple them. After her face loss and an unexpected downfall in the Lok Sabha election, Banerjee has been coming up with various tactics to please the people of Bengal as she wants to earn their votes by making the people happy in whichever way she can.

 The desperate measures have been identified by the people themselves and they feel that  Didi just makes false promises just before the election and the promises are never fulfilled. The State government employees did not vote for the TMC in the recent LS election and this became a major setback for the party so to appease them Banerjee announced a hike in the pay scale for professors and teachers of State universities and Colleges. She is suddenly showing concerns about the educational system and talked about the improvement and advancements that can be made in the system so that the teachers benefit. But ultimately is it all tall talks and the result will be zero? 

 Meanwhile, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar slammed the chief minister for her undue interference in the academic system of the state. Dhankar who is a critic of the Mamata led TMC  government in a tweet asked people to read between the lines. Banerjee had taken a dig on the Governor during a with the vice-chancellors of 18 universities and college professors and she had said without mentioning any names that the chancellors and professors should not harp on what anyone says and come directly to her if they face any problems and she and her government will be more than happy to resolve the issues.

 After the stupendous performance of the BJP in the state of Bengal now Banerjee is directly hitting out on the saffron party saying that she and her party will fight till the end against  BJP’s anti- people’s policies. Her comments came right after the saffron party failed to gain the majority in the assembly polls in Haryana and Maharashtra.  She feels that the BJP will be unable to wipe out TMC in Bengal during the upcoming elections.

 Earlier also the appeasement policies of Banerjee has hampered the harmony in Bengal and people She has been discriminating against people in the state which has adversely affected her statesmanship and people have started losing faith in her. In fact, the Muslim community in Bengal had earlier appealed to the CM and had written a letter to her to take strict action against the attack on doctors as well as the harassment of a  supermodel from Bengal. Their main motive was to eradicate the perception that they as a community are being protected and appeased by the CM and her party. They had also stated that she and her party should do away with vote bank politics and focus on issues that deal with betterment o the next generation.


It seems very clear that the people of Bengal are fed up with the policies of Banerjee and have a clear picture regarding what she and her party members are really up to. It is becoming very difficult to fool the people of Bengal This is where the BJP has cashed in and they have gained momentum in the state. The Modi mania in Bengal is a result of the failures of the Mamata government. One of the major factors being the appeasement policies by Banerjee for the minority community which accounts for 27 percent of the population of Bengal. However, the community itself has lost faith in the government and now Didi is trying her hands in appeasing other people like teachers and professors in whichever way she can to win votes in the upcoming Assembly election.

 On one had she is overconfident that TMC will be back with a bang in the upcoming election, on the other hand, her insecurities are becoming evident with her reactions and actions. Recently she alleged that her phone is being tapped by the Centre as part of surveillance. Slamming her Governor of Bengal said that a section of politicians, businessmen, and officials in Bengal have approached him complaining that their privacy was being hacked. The fact of the matter remains that Mamata’s tactics will no longer work on the people of Bengal and no matter what she does or says it will be very difficult to earn back the trust of the people. Even though Mamata is assertive of the fact that her party will come back to power and that the BJP will not rule Bengal any time soon. The future of her and her party seems bleak.


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