Students in Bengal continue protest over JNU attack

Published : Jan 09, 2020 09:06 am | By: priya ghosh

Students in Bengal continue protest over JNU attack


There is a sense of outrage amongst students and people all across the country and they are protesting against the shocking attack in JNU It is getting difficult especially for the students to come to terms with such a scenario. Bengal is not left behind and the students of Kolkata's prominent university, Jadavpur University have joined hands with the rest of the country to fight against the fascist activities as they call it.

 As the entire, nation is enraged over the violence which hit JNU and students across the country are protesting against the ruthless act. Bengal is also participating in the protest and Kolkata; things took an ugly turn during the face-off in Kolkata, between the Jadavpur University students and BJP activists. 

The episode began when a word had spread that  Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) is supposed to march to a certain place crossing the Jadavpur University campus. The students already outraged by the actions of the ABVP marched to stop the demonstration by the BJP. Initially, the situation was in control but suddenly mayhem erupted and dramatic visuals show that the students set fire to the BJP flag and then it became chaotic and the Kolkata police resorted to lathi-charge. The cops chased away scores of BJP workers and then were seen charging at the students many of whom were women, At least dozens of students were badly hurt and they filed a complaint at the nearby police station where they said that they were bashed up mercilessly.  Later the Kolkata Police tweeted an apology to the students but the damage was already done.

 In solidarity, with the JNU students, the JU students held several marches inside and outside the campus. However, the situation went out of hand when there was a clash between the students and the BJP activists Meanwhile Bengal CM condemned the attack in JNU and said that it was a shame on democracy.  She said that a delegation of the TMC will visit the JNU campus to talk with the students and teachers to express solidarity. The Mamata Banerjee government has found another aspect to raise their voice against the BJP government and now we will have to see how the BJP will fight back ahead of the crucial assembly election in West Bengal.

Earlier the Jadavpur University Teachers' Association (JUTA) on Thursday organized a two-hour sit-in outside the campus and they were protesting against the alleged attack on a colleague by BJP workers and they pledged that they will not be "intimidated by saffron forces". The demonstration comprised of students, staff and also several non-teaching staff who were condemning the threat to a JU teacher apparently by a Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) member as the teacher had written against the amended Citizenship Act and proposed nationwide NRC.

The protests by students and teachers against all the policies and now the JNU attack will continue not just by Jadavpur University students but the student wings of other Universities have also decided to raise their voice against the heinous act in JNU.

As the protests continue in Bengal. The Trade unions have called a nationwide strike and they are protesting against the economic policies of the Centre. While the Left trade is confident that the strike will be effective in Kolkata and Bengal, Mamata Banerjee had declared that there will be no bandh in Bengal and she said that though her government supports the issues related to the strike, however, she will not allow bandh in her state.

Kolkata saw students thronging in large numbers chanting slogans and condemned the  JNU attack and prominent personalities and members of Civil society joined them in a massive rally in Central Kolkata. From filmmakers Anjan Dutta, Anik Dutta, theatre personality Kaushik Sen,  to singer Rupankar Bagchi, actress Ushashi Chakraborty participated in the rally along with political leaders and raised voice against the fascist attacks in educational institutions. A lot of them said that it was a pre-planned attack and proper action is required to be taken against the attackers.

Meanwhile, West Bengal BJP unit chief Dilip Ghosh has again dragged himself into controversy by saying that the attack on JNU was staged. He went on saying that no one has proof whether  

JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh had color or real blood on her head. She was attacked by a masked and armed mob inside the campus of the Jawaharlal University. Ghosh had earlier commented on the communists and said that they started getting bashed up in India and they "deserve" it. "It is right that communists have started getting beaten up in the country. Perhaps they deserve it. The way they have behaved through the decades, this is not unnatural," he added. He also blamed the communists, the SFI (CPI-M student wing Students Federation of India) for introducing violence into educational institutions. He mentioned that it is only in Tripura, Bengal, and Kerala, that violence in educational institutions are prominent and not elsewhere.

As per the situation, it will take time for the unrest to simmer in Bengal as the students are outraged and they feel that their safety is at stake. Not just the Central government but all political parties should think beyond politics for once and come together and instead of playing the blame game should work on maintaining a peaceful environment and a sense of security in educational institutions.



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