The impact of NRC in Other States

Published : Sep 12, 2019 09:45 am | By: M D Sridharan

The impact of NRC in Other States


TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee has been vehemently opposing centre’s move over NRC and accused the BJP of playing divisive politics.

 The National registrar of Citizen (NRC) list has created quite a furore not only in the state of Assam but also in other states especially in Bengal after it was published on August 31. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has vehemently opposed the NRC and said that the TMC government will not allow implementation of the NRC in the state. Banerjee has been facing challenges by the increasing popularity of the BJP in the state and now she has got an opportunity to raise her voice against the saffron party. She has stated that the NRC is nothing but a political vendetta of the central government.

However the other north eastern states apart from Assam are keen on adopting the NRC policy to make sure that their indigenous community is safe and secure. The apex students’ body of Mizoram have said that they also seek foreigners tribunals and an NRC, but the cut-off year should be enshrined in the constitution.  This demand has been echoed by various other committees and units of Mizoram. The security in other states like Manipur and Nagaland has been beefed up after the NRC list came out. In Manipur there has been an ongoing campaign for Inner line permit which is at present operational in Nagaland. This is to control the keep a check on the inflow of foreigner’s and keep the indigenous population secure. In Meghalaya the government has taken a wait and watch approach and it has taken measures where the law and order in the state will be maintained. Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that his state government is supportive of the NRC and will likely approach the Centre for its implementation in the state of Manipur just like it was implemented in Assam.

In the in BJP-ruled Tripura people are not saying much as long time back a large number of Bengalis had settled in the state, outnumbering the indigenous lot. As per BJP spokesperson Nabendu Bhattacharjee, the necessity of NRC was much more in a state like Assam because of the huge unauthorized influx but such is not the situation in Tripura. Not just the north eastern states but there have been a demand for NRC in the national capital.  Certain leaders feel that Delhi has also become quite dangerous as a large number of illegal immigrants have resided in the city. However in Bihar Nitish Kumar has stated that he will not allow NRC in his state, just like Mamata Banerjee. So there is a mixed reaction about NRC within the leaders of various states.


While some are taking time to get used to the NRC there are many who feel that NRC should be expanded all across the country. In India estimates suggest that several states house a large number of illegal immigrants. Another challenging problem is the free mobility across states and to restrict it a pan India exercise has to be put in place. It is also essential to keep in mind that a forcible deportation of the illegal immigrants will not be feasible so a soft and humanitarian approach is necessary.  However it’s not an easy task and it will require all the states to agree. The gains of the NRC will not show immediately but there certainly will be long term tangible gains. The future illegal migrants will be restricted.

 The BJP is all set to weed out illegal immigrants from across the country. The saffron party has hinted clearly that not just Assam but the NRC will be exercised in the other states of the country as well and that the states will be slowly brought into confidence.  Although there has been a lot of disappointment expressed by a section of BJP leaders as a chunk of Bengali Hindus have been excluded from the NRC list.  Despite of the criticisms, the BJP feels that this is the only way to get rid of illegal immigrants and the country should be free of them. The government has also assured that it will not hurt the citizens or the tribal community in anyway.  They have asserted that the tribal laws will not be infringed upon The government also plans upon bringing  a bill that will grant  Indian  citizenship to few members  of six minority communities from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan without valid documents.

However it is only when the other states in India will agree to the NRC exercise that the government will be able to implements it across the country. With few states already opposing the NRC it will be a difficult task for the BJP to convince the heads of the states to adopt NRC is a civil way.

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