Mental Health Issue: A Major Concern in Teens

Published : Jul 11, 2019 09:09 am | By: Anjali Chhabra

Mental Health Issue: A Major Concern in Teens


Increase in the number of teenagers affected by various mental health issues are surely a cause for concern for both the parents as well as the society.

In a world of competition and rat race teenagers are forgetting to live their childhood in a peaceful manner. It is being observed that there has been an increase in mental health issues among teenagers and is driving many of them to commit suicide. It is the harsh reality we are living in where time and again it is told to the kids that they should work hard and excel as the competition is tough and also dream big. These things are grilled into their tiny heads and they are under a lot of pressure academically and otherwise because every step they are expected to prove that they are better than the rest. Parents make sure that they find various ways to push the children to do better than their peers.   However in the process they forget that kids who are vulnerable at this age are getting so stressed that their mind loses control and they are constantly reminded how brutal the world is and that they have to be prepared for a struggle when they grow up. With the rise of mental health concern, the teenagers find it hard to grapple wit6h the pressure which comes from home, society and school.  A study conducted in 2019 said that male teenagers from urban and nuclear families showed signs of risky behavioural patterns like substance abuse, speed driving and casual sex. Most of these kids were found in conflict with the law and with their families.

There has been many cases in recent years all across the country where teenagers have been forced to take their own lives. It’s very tragic that young bright students have no one to share their problems with and end up taking their lives. Recently the city of Kolkata was shaken by the news of a class 10 student from a prominent student who committed suicide in the washroom of her school. This incident sent chills across the city. The student was a topper in her class and it was quite shocking that someone like her could take such a step. The most disturbing part was the three long page suicide note she had left which indicated that she was suffering from mental trauma and acute depression. She also mentioned that it was family pressure and peer pressure which led her to take her life.  There has been several other incidents like these which have baffled the society and parents.

Teenage is a phase of life where it becomes very confusing for the parents as to how they would deal with their children. The kids suddenly transform into individual who become rebellious, cold   and distant. In today’s day and age teenagers hardly have time to talk to their parents and they chose not to as they are busy with their gadgets like smart phones and i pads. And with the internet overpowering their minds, it is way for them to get distracted and carried away by certain elements which they are not supposed to view. The kind of exposure that teens get nowadays is overwhelming and most of the time has an adverse effect on them.

Children are usually overwhelmed with the various disruptions in their lives nowadays and they do not know how to handle it. There have been several cases where teenagers have become victims of body shaming. The social media and different aspects of the internet has added to the misery and children who are supposes to play outside with friends are now glued to their phones or i pads. There has been an alarming rise in panic attacks, adjustment disorders, and anger management issues in teenagers along with suicidal tendencies. Sometimes it also happens that the work related stress of parents is transferred to the kids at home which can disturb their behavioural patterns which lead to mental disorders.

It has become imperative that awareness regarding mental health in teenagers should be promoted so that they can be resilient enough to deal with adverse situations and do away with risk taking behaviours. There can be an  array of intervention programmes which can be organized in order to help parents as well as children. The schools can conduct programmes where teachings on life skills and mental issues are propagated. Also there should be programmes on how to create a safe environment for kids which is positive and secured.

Most importantly parents should communicate with children easily and make them comfortable so that they can share their anxieties or fear to them. It is observed that most teenagers have trouble communicating with their parents and they usually keep to themselves. Another significant way to help teenagers is provide them with proper counselling which helps them understand their feelings and thoughts with the use of several techniques.  Schools have introduced counselling programmes and are making an effort to help students as the cases of suicides and disturbing behaviour in children are increasing rapidly. The parents in today’s age should be extra careful in handling the situation with their adolescents wisely.


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