Dada vs Didi , can this be a possibility?

Published : Oct 21, 2019 11:26 am | By: priya ghosh

Dada vs Didi , can this be a possibility?


Saurav Ganguly is all set to become the BCCI president, one of the most prestigious posts in Indian cricket. However, it came with speculation that he is being backed by the BJP. Although Ganguly denied all the rumors but people are still wondering if there is any truth in the stories.

BCCI president-elect Sourav Ganguly is surrounded by speculation that he was offered the position of BCCI president in lieu of contesting the contentious assembly elections scheduled to be held in 2021 as a BJP candidate. The speculations had triggered after Ganguly met Amit Shah. However, the cricketer brushed aside all the controversy and said that in his meeting with the home minister, none of this was discussed and it is not happening ‘at the moment’.

 Ganguly currently is the president of the Cricket Association of Bengal and he became the lone contender of the cricket’s most coveted post as he emerged as the only person to have filed the nomination for the post. Ganguly said that he had to face similar questions when he had met with Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. West Bengal BJP president stated that politics will prosper if Ganguly joins politics. And that he is always welcome at the party.  Amit Shah’s son, Jay Shah will be the new secretary of BCCI while Arun Dhumal the younger brother of former BCCI president Anurag Thakur will be the treasurer. BCCI has its own thorough process of selection of its president and after a process of rigorous negotiations, phone calls meeting at a five-star hotel in Mumbai with crickets most powerful people who came up with a strategy for the board elections. Despite of the fact that the selection process of BCCI is clean and detailed and also that Dada (Saurav Ganguly) as we all know is a very deserving candidate, people will not stop thinking that there could be a link with the BJP which made him the lone contender defeating  former BCCI president N Srinivasan’s nominee, Karnataka association’s Brijesh Patel.

There have been rumors that while Ganguly will be monitoring and running cricket in India, it will also be a move for politics as according to some experts, Amit Shah is looking at pitching Ganguly against Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. We all know that the BJP and TMC are at loggerheads and after the BJP has made inroads in the state of Bengal, it is leaving no stone unturned to overthrow the Mamata regime.  The assembly election in Bengal is due in 2021 and all eyes are on this election as it will become a war zone between the BJP and TMC. So far Ganguly has only been associated with the Modi government’s clean India mission. It is also interesting to know that   Ganguly who has served as the president for CAB will now get a cooling-off period a time when he can kick off the 2021 election campaign. However, these are mere speculations and we do not know if it really will be the case. But Ganguly’s meeting with Shah comes at a very interesting time and speculations hovering around it are very natural.

 Cricket is considered as a religion in India and Saurav Ganguly is much respected and looked up to in this field by millions of fans. So his every move will be overseen.

The BJP has been looking for a strong candidate who can fight Mamata Banerjee.  In the battle during the upcoming assembly election. There have been speculations that this time it is going to be Dada vs Didi which means Saurav Ganguly vs Mamata Banerjee but this is just a thought, However, the problem the BJP is facing in terms of selecting a strong candidate might dampen the efforts they have put so far to gain momentum in the state. The BJP leadership in Bengal feels that the candidate should have the zeal and 5he x-factor which has not been found in any individual yet. Mukul Roy who defected from the TMC has tried hard to develop BJP in the state. But he lacks the charisma to stand up against his former leader.  At present, Roy is facing charges of corruption cases and was also summoned by the ED so his chances of fighting the election seem bleak.   Roy will not be very happy with the probable strategy of BJP placing Saurav Ganguly as a candidate but he will have no choice but to stay with the plan.

The BJP had made massive gains in the 2019 LS election in Bengal winning 18 seats and Amit Shah had pledged to uproot Mamata Banerjee and her turf. Some senior BJP leaders say that in the beginning, they were not quite sure of how it will happen but the results astonished them and now they believe that the BJP will stick to their pledge.

 Cricket is the obsession of the nation and Ganguly who will be heading the administration of the BCCI so his every move will be overseen and if his functioning is clean and he delivers well then he will be appreciated by all.   The BJP might be thinking on the lines that if Ganguly can perform so well as an administrator and also a cricketer and he is so loved by the nation and mostly by Bengal, then he will be the perfect candidate who can be pitched in politics. However, we can only wait and watch and let Shah do his job.



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