BJP membership increases in Bengal despite NRC push.

Published : Oct 15, 2019 03:35 pm | By: priya ghosh

 BJP membership increases in Bengal despite NRC push.


The BJP has gained substantial momentum in West Bengal. The proof is that people in large numbers are joining the state unit of BJP. The people of Bengal seem to be undeterred and are supporting the saffron party to the fullest.

The BJP unit in West Bengal is moving towards a stupendous achievement with a record membership of one crore. The target which was set for the Bengal BJP unit by the central leadership was that of 60 lakh as per party sources. However, the Bengal unit surpassed its target. All this has happened despite the NRC push by Amit Shah at a rally in Kolkata. Many believed that it would hurt the people of Bengal and they would not support the BJP any longer. However, this was not true and several people have applied for BJP membership and the membership drive will continue till December.

Home Minister Amit Shah pushed the agenda of the Central government to identify illegal immigrants in the state of Bengal and said that the people of Bengal are being misled about the National Registrar of Citizens by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and clarified that it is not true that millions of Hindus will have to leave West Bengal. He assured that this will not happen and only the illegal immigrants would be thrown out, he also stated that before the introduction of NRC in Bengal, the Centre will implement Citizenship Amendment Bill which will ensure that people who are Indians will get Indian Citizenship so there is nothing to be wary about.

The people of Bengal were unfazed by the NRC announcement despite  Didi's efforts of influencing them against the BJP A bulk of them continue to support the BJP and they are flocking in large numbers to become a member of the party. Also, the people of Bengal are tired of the gruesome violence which keeps occurring in the state and the state administration is not taking appropriate action and lacks diligence. Several BJP workers have been mercilessly murdered in Bengal and Banerjee is paying no heed to it. The BJP leaders claim that instead of paying attention to the killings, the CM is diverting the minds of the people by organizing the puja carnival. The law and order situation in Bengal is a complete mess 

The triple murder case in the district of Murshidabad has shaken Bengal and a Central agency probe has been demanded by the Bengal BJP unit. A school teacher who as per the BJP was an RSS worker who was murdered along with his pregnant wife and 8-year-old son. This happened while the Durga puja festivities were on. The triple murder took a political turn when the BJP claimed that the teacher who was murdered was an RSS supporter. However, there has been no evidence found in this context. And the police have detained four people in the connection of the murders.

Certain celebrities including renowned filmmaker and actress Aparna Sen wrote an open letter to the CM of West Bengal saying ‘Shame on us; for letting such an incident happen in the state of WB. They wrote that it is the responsibly of the CM to take care of her citizens and justice should be served immediately. Sen and few celebrities had earlier written a letter to PM Narendra Modi regarding the mob killings



 At present, West Bengal is a priority state for the BJP as the party is eyeing the 2021 assembly election. As per party sources, the state unit of the BJP is looking at creating a talent pool. It’s an attempt to identify candidates among cadres. For the contentious 2021 polls. The exercise is mainly aimed at grooming the grass-root level leaders to stand up for the tough fight. They will be representing the respective areas and districts where they belong. The BJP is planning to pick its candidates from the selected four members which will pick its candidate for an assembly seat from among the selected four members which will be based on their performance that will be assessed internally. Party sources also added that the full-timers will be given priority. The party said that though the BJP has made significant inroads in the state, there are certain areas in which the BJP is still lagging behind the TMC. There have to be strong ground-level workers who are still missing.

The cadres will be identifying local issues and build public opinion. The main reason for this exercise is to connect directly with voters in their respective localities and spread awareness regarding the ideologies and policies of the BJP. The tectonic shift in West Bengal happened after the LS poll results and BJP has emerged as the key player in the state. Mamata Banerjee along with her TMC made many attempts to hamper the growth of the saffron party in the state but they failed miserably. Noe the membership of the BJP is increasing multi-folds. The NRC push did not quite impact the people’s support for the party.


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