TMC and BJP gearing up for battle against each other ahead 2021 election amid pandemic

Published : Jun 30, 2020 11:29 am | By: Priya Ghosh

TMC and BJP gearing up for battle against each other ahead 2021 election amid pandemic


As the entire country struggles with the COvID 19 crisis, Bengal is witnessing a political war between the BJP and the TMC as both the parties have started preparing for the 2021 assembly election. Amid the crisis, both parties have started engaging themselves in online political campaigns.


The TMC and the BJP in Bengal have decided to take on each other for the upcoming assembly election in 2021 and the battle will get intense with both the parties preparing for a fight even amid the lockdown.  With the rapid spike in coronavirus cases all around the country, minimal human contact, and social distancing has become the new norm, the archrivals are planning to make social media their political battlefield to garner support.

The BJP and the TMC have been hitting out on each other over handling of various issues like the tackling of COVID-19 situation, migrant workers' condition, and cyclone Amphan. Now, these two parties have decided to launch attacks on several virtual platforms and slam each other over these issues. The TMC headed by CM Mamata Banerjee was the first to hold a virtual meeting in the first week of June with functionaries and public representatives and discussed the strategy of the party for the polls. Then it was the turn of the BJP where the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah kicked off a virtual rally where West Bengal BJP president and MP Dilip Ghosh said it was imperative to chalk out a plan of action to emphasize on the poor governance of the TMC-led dispensation, as well as to reach out to the huge number of internet users. Ghosh highlighted that due to the COVID 18 crisis it is not possible for the party to organize gatherings and mass rallies so the virtual platform like social media will be used to point out the poor governance of the TMC during the double crisis of Amphan and coronavirus.

The BJP, has released a "nine-point charge-sheet" against Mamata Banerjee's rule which has been recently floated a social media and the drive has been called  "Aar Noi Mamata" (no longer Mamata Banerjee's rule). As per sources, the Bengal BJP is also planning to conduct more than 1,000 virtual rallies, which will cover every corner of the state. Ghosh said that the virtual rallies will help in motivating the BJP cadres who are sitting at home due to the lockdown and the online programmes will encourage them to participate and will boost their morale.

The cadres will help in sending pout Whatsapp messages and videos highlighting the failures of the TMC government in resolving the migrant crisis, added Ghosh. The TMC government is also not left behind and has launched a massive campaign with the public representatives in their constituencies and are holding virtual meetings. The state government has been facing criticism over the alleged mismanagement of the COVID 19 crisis and also a delay in the restoration work post-Amphan crisis.

Senior state minister and TMC leader Firhad Hakim stated that their party will counter the propaganda of the BJP effectively and would also not give in to the fake news about the TMC that they have been circulating. He asserted that with the help of Mamata Banerjee, they would be preparing for the 2021 election and are focusing on fighting the BJP by promoting the achievements of the state government and failures of the Union government in handling the migrant worker and the COViD situation in the country. The online team of the  TMC has been circulating pictures and videos of the apparent faulty handling of the pandemic crisis in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

According to sources, Banerjee has instructed the district-level leaders to begin door-to-door campaigns adhering to the social distancing norms, and also emphasized the importance of maintaining transparency at the grassroots. Both the BJP and the TMC are focusing on online campaigns in the COViD era hence the nature of these campaigns will be every different added the sources. However, the opposition CPI(M) and Congress have slammed both TMC and BJP on focusing on poll campaigns when the nation is in the midst of an unimaginable crisis.

 CM Banerjee indirectly has criticized the BJP in Bengal for the recent on 5he ground activities which the  BJP seems to be dabbling in during crises like Covid-19 and Cyclone Amphan in Bengal.

She has questioned the array of allegations against her by the BJP leaders falsely accusing her of deeds and also have alleged that the BJP leaders m have been breaking the law violating and she said that people will not accept this kind of behavior. Banerjee has also over and over accused the Center of denying Bengal its legitimate dues. 

 It is very evident that the BJP and the TMC are back to locking horns even with the ongoing crisis of the pandemic and they are determined to plan an aggressive battle ahead of the 2021 assembly election.