Saradha chit fund case : Threat to Mamata Banerjee government before LS polls?

Published : Mar 29, 2019 11:49 am | By: Priya Ghosh

Saradha chit fund case : Threat to Mamata Banerjee government before LS polls?


The LS polls 2019 is round the corner and in Bengal, the Mamata Banerjee government might suffer a set back with the Supreme Court terming the CBi report related to the Saradha chit fund case as very very serious.

  Bengal witnessed a lot of drama ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections when the Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee took on the centre and the war between her government and CBI made some jaws drop.  The unprecedented tussle between Banerjee and the centre led to the opposition parties to support Banerjee and turn against the ruling party. However the united opposition front has fallen apart and it could not pose any kind of threat to the ruling party.

Another development related to the Saradha chit fund scam might impact the Mamata Banerjee government in Bengal as the Supreme Court has said that there are very very serious matters in the CBI report on the chit fund scam which needs to be looked into. The top court had earlier directed the CBI to submit an affidavit stating details regarding the alleged contempt which was committed by the former West Bengal police commissioner Rajeev Kumar. This can be a major blow to the Banerjee government right before the elections with BJP not leaving a stone unturned in order to establish a stronghold in the state of Bengal.

In West Bengal it has always been seen that the Trinamool Congress supremo has managed to maintain leadership and garner support of the people of the state with her strategy of candidate selection and political moves. The BJP,has set a target of winning 22 seats in the states but seems to be struggling to search for proper candidates. The CPM-led Left Front also is mostly a no show in the state of Bengal and Congress also could not strike any alliance with the Left and is playing solo so it is pretty much the Mamata Banerjee led government which is soaring ahead with their campaigns towards victory once again.

However this moving upwards might be disrupted with the Supreme court  raising fresh concerns about the report submitted by the CBI related to the Saradha chit fund case.It might adversely affect the reputation of the TMC just before the elections.The chit fund case had been an intense drama which played out in 2013 where investors in large numbers  demonstrated  and demanded the state government to take action against its officials who had defaulted payments leaving thousands poverty stricken. Finally the chief of the company who ran the ponzi scheme was arrested in April 2013.

The scam created a lot of controversies with several ministers of the TMC being allegedly involved and ministers from the Banerjee government were arrested  which raised eyebrows to how the government was functioning.  Now the recent developments can again stir up those controversies and people who have shown full faith in the Mamata Banerjee led government might turn their back towards the government. This will be a setback for Banerjee and an advantage for the BJP to secure its position in the state.

 However earlier it was observed that the Mamata Banerjee led government in Bengal did not face the chit fund scam as much of a challenge. In 2014, the political circle in Bengal felt that the performance of the TMC will get hampered due to the CBI probe which was ordered by the top court as many of the ruling party leaders were involved but the results showed that TMC emerged victorious by winning 16 out of 17 seats which went for polls, despite of the Supreme Court’s order of CBI probe. So that was the level of confidence which the party had at that point in time. But times have changed now with the BJP gaining momentum in the state and progressing rapidly and entering the state. Another factor in the state is polarization which has pushed away the Left front and Congress into the margins further. So now the only big players are TMC and BJP. Few years back the presence of the ruling  party was not as prominent as its now and so the TMC needs to be cautious as the BJP has become a major threat to it in Bengal

The recent development of the Supreme Court raising a red flag against former top cop of Bengal is a big blow to the Mamata Banerjee government. As the election is nearing, people might lose the faith in the Mamata Banerjee government and will support the BJP, the ruling party which has penetrated into the state establishing a stronghold.



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