The impact of By-polls victory for Mamata and her TMC

Published : Dec 03, 2019 12:40 pm | By: priya ghosh

The impact of By-polls victory for Mamata and her TMC


The clean sweep by Mamata Banerjee and her party TMC in the By-polls defeating the saffron party has given them brand new confidence and they will try their best to harp on the win and build stronger connections with the people of Bengal ahead of the assembly elections.

After the 3-0 results of the By-polls in West Bengal the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) camp seems to be celebrating along with their supremo Mamata Banerjee after the tension which escalated among the party post the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The LS polls had made Banerjee and her party members insecure as the BJP had gained momentum in the state won a lot of people over. However after this victory Banerjee seems to have gained back some popularity which she had lost due to her lack of administration and policies which did not benefit the people of Bengal.   However, Banerjee has made it clear to her workers and have instructed them that they should not get carried away by the win and begin concentrating on the organizational framework for the assembly elections in the state which will be the actual contest for the party against the BJP.

 It is evident that Banerjee and her party have regained immense confidence and she has said that the BJP lost because of its arrogance. Mahua Moitra a close aide and a TMc MP said that the true nature of BJP has been realized by the people of Bengal. Mamata also slammed the BJP for its propaganda of the NRC and said that the results reflected the mandate against such exercise. She said that the people voted against divisive politics.

 The victory has made the TMC regain lost grounds in North Bengal. It not just won but had given a huge lead of over 18000 votes in six months. Banerjee has been in the field of politics for a long time now and she knows that contests are not often easy and can stretch for a long period. She had been fighting against the Left rule in Bengal in the ’90s and after a lot of toil torture and hard work has she reached this position.  So she very well knows that one can easily be distracted and move from the real objective and she is making sure that she puts out a clear message to her party members that they should not be complacent with the win and should not waste any time in working towards the 2021 assembly elections.

However, the TMC workers seem to be extra jubilant and right after the win they allegedly captured 4 BJP offices and painted them green. This is similar to the situation where after the LS polls where all TMC offices in 24 North Parganas district were captured by the BJP.

 Now Mamata has gained enough confidence to take on the BJP. Earlier on the Maharashtra drama Banerjee had said that the resignation of Devendra Fadnavis was the best gift to the Constitution day. She had said that people who are trying to destroy the Constitution will never succeed. After the new Maharashtra government was formed Mamata congratulated  Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, NCP chief Sharad Pawar and Congress leader Balasaheb Thorat for striking an alliance and forming the government in Maharashtra. She said that she will be looking forward to a Government that will work for the development of the people in Maharashtra under their leadership. Uddhav Thackeray, heading the 'Maha Vikas Agadhi' government, took oath as the 18th chief minister of Maharashtra after over a month of declaration of the results.

Banerjee along with her party will now have to work with reinforced vigor and gain back the confidence of the people of Bengal to shine successfully in the 2021 assembly elections. To contain the BJP surge in the state of Bengal,   Mamata Banerjee had been working on the Bengali pride aspect while the BJP was continuously concentrating on cultivating the Hindu vote bank in the state. She changed her approach from inclusive politics to people should be aware of Bengali culture if you live in Bengal.

As per political analysts, the grass-root level connect of the TMC will be tested in the 2021 assembly elections. The  connect is still there and it has been proven in the by-polls. However, the main test is still left so it will be interesting to watch her strategies ahead of the assembly elections. As for the Bengali pride factor, she keeps highlighting the achievements of the stalwarts who belong to the state like Sourav Ganguly being elected as the BCCI President and Abhijit Banerjee winning the Nobel Prize in Economics and brags about them as new highs which Bengalis have accomplished. Along with it she also reiterates the fact that she will never allow  NRC (National Register of Citizens) to be implemented in Bengal, as long as she heads the state. She also keeps referring to the BJP as anti-Bengali and has put up posters all across the state which reads “Anti-Bengali BJP go back”.

Some of these strategies of her seem to be working on the minds of the people of Bengal which made her win the by-polls in the state. However, the assembly elections will show us if Mamata and her party actually managed to regain her lost grounds for good.


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