Aftermath of Amphan cyclone on Bengal and the Mamata government

Published : Jun 02, 2020 04:32 pm | By: Priya Ghosh

Aftermath of Amphan cyclone on Bengal and the Mamata government


Bengal experienced the worst ever natural calamity in the form of cyclone Amphan and the state was already coping with the rising number of COVID 19 cases. The cyclone rattled the state damaging houses and livelihoods. The people of Bengal are also unhappy with the way the Bengal government has been dealing with the crisis and have been protesting against its inefficiency.

The state of Bengal experienced a double crisis with the COVID 19 cases on the rise and the recent cyclone Amphan. The super cyclone devastated Bengal killing several people and damaging more than tens of thousands of homes. The horrific sight of uprooted trees and people on the streets without water and power is what the government of Bengal dealing with. It is not just rural Bengal which is bearing the brunt of the cyclone but the city of Kolkata has also been ravaged.

PM Modi offered immediate assistance to the Mamata Banerjee government after surveying the situation of Bengal and the Army and NDRF has been sent by the center to help Bengal in the process of restoration. Three columns of the NDRF have been dispatched to the city of Kolkata and two others were dispatched to the North and South 24 Parganas districts. However, there have been widespread protests in Kolkata and all across Bengal with people coming out on streets and saying that they have no electricity and water for more than 72 hours and the roads were still blocked with uprooted trees. There were angry citizens saying that that swift action has not been taken by the state administration. They had to hire machinery in order to clear uprooted trees from the roads.

 CM Mamata Banerjee has asked the citizens of Bengal to be patient and that her government is battling hard to restore all the essential services as soon as possible. She mentioned that the challenge is double as there is a lack of manpower due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The exasperated CM said that the state incurred a loss of one lakh crore rupees and that they are struggling with fighting the challenges firmly. PM Modi earlier offered aid  of Rs 1000 crore to Bengal for the restoration process.

 The tragedy unleashed by Amphan was not something that the state administration was not prepared for.  Despite several warnings by the meteorological department, the state of Bengal failed to tackle this challenge. Some of the worst-affected are very poor people across eight districts. The cyclone shattered the livelihoods of a community living near the India Bangladesh border who are essentially a schedule cast sect.

Even after a week passed since Amphan authorities were still struggling to assess the damages. As per the state government. 200,000 people were still in relief camps and almost  450,000 electric poles uprooted and 150,000 km of electricity lines damaged.

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Mamata Banerjee is left politically defenseless after the cyclone Amphan Now she cannot blame the Centre for failing to revive the state from the damage. The weather department kept the state updated with accurate information about the progress of Amphan over the Bay of Bengal and had issued alerts with reliable forecasts since May 16. The National Disaster Response Force units were already on the ground days in advance.

before Amphan struck Bengal, the central agencies have been providing full support in terms of information and resources. Yet, millions of people in Bengal were affected by Amphan. The capital of Bengal Kolkata also bared the brunt with elderly people suffering from heart diseases had to face the aftermath of the cyclone. As per reports they had to carry buckets to get water from tune well as they were without electricity and water for many days after Amphan. Kolkata also has a high number of people wit who are diabetic and they could not get proper medical care due to the COVID 19 outbreak and the cyclone just made the situation worst. The people of the city have been agitated with the local government and are pointing fingers at the lack of preparedness of the Mamata government. The anger and resentment of the people of Bengal might have a negative impact on the political stability of the Mamata Banerjee government.


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