Third Front Government: A Reality or an Illusion?

Published : May 14, 2019 08:56 am | By: Anjali Chhabra

Third Front Government: A Reality or an Illusion?


As the nation is keenly awaiting the results on May 23rd, opposition parties have started rallying for a non-BJP and non- congress government at the centre. But chances are remote for it to become a reality?

The national elections is happening in full swing and it has  reached a critical point where all the leading parties are heading towards the last laps of the polls with full vigour and  they will do anything to be on top of the game. For quite some time Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has been trying to take the initiative in bringing together a  a “non-BJP, non-Congress front”,   This could have taken a new shape after he met his Kerala counterpart Pinarayi Vijayan.. And might have impacted Bengal CM  Mamata Banerjee and Congress president Rahul Gandhi. The saffron party  has relentlessly attacked both Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee. Both the leaders have been campaigning in Bengal around the same time and both have been relentlessly being attacked by the BJP over several scathing remarks by the leaders against PM Narendra Modi.

 Seemed like in a public meeting in the district of Purulia in Bengal, Congress President Rahul Gandhi was offering truce as he attacked Modi but his mention of Banerjee was subtle in comparison to his earlier mentions. The leaders seem to have toned down in terms of their mutual attacks. There could be a possibility that they plan to join hands with KCR to form a federal front.KCR’s federal front moves certainly cannot be ignored. The renewed fervour for the Federal Front by Rao became significant after he met, Vijayan and thereafter admitted that they had discussed the present political situation and Vijayan termed the meeting as  a "very important one".

 KCR had earlier tried to make the third front or federal front work and he went about having a series of meetings and talks with the opposition parties on various levels. This was for a non Congress and non BJP front which would come to power post elections and the Prime Minister would be from the southern part of India. He met with Naveen Patnaik and Mamata Banerjee but somehow the idea didnot gain much interest.  From the beginning  Mamata Banerjee has been very clever and non committal on the proposal to keep Congress out of the front. Other regional leaders like KCR and Vijayan had been clear and they do not want Congress to be a part of the political alternative. Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee seemed to be the most active in meeting state leaders and ministers and this time she might intensify her act in joing hands with the opposition as BJP has made inroads in the state of Bengal and is posing as her only threat .She will do anything which will help her wipe out the saffron party. Earlier Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar who is a close ally to the Congress, had suggested that the opposition should do away with the anti-Congress tag to successfully fight the BJP.

 The federal front move has not gained traction yet but KCR is trying to reinforce the opposition unity with meetings planned in Bengal and Delhi. The opposition is planning to meet ahead of the counting and they are looking at having a strategy session. There are as of now 21 regional parties who are challenging the BJP at the national level. The parties are also planning on writing to the President Ramnath Kovind after the last two phases of voting are over. As per sources the parties are planning to sign letters and present it to the President once the results are out. The letters will talk about their support for the formation of an alternative government.

However the BJP is not threatened by the idea or the possibility of a third front and is aggressively working towards winning the 2019 election.  The idea of a Third Front wmight not be successful as expected by the regional parties because most of the parties except the Left are essentially state level parties and their influence is typically restricted to the states and at a national level they will not be able to succeed and their agenda will not be highlighted as per their expectations..

 The concept of the Third Front is highly detested by the media, corporate houses and urban voters. The corporate houses are apprehensive of such a front as they fear that parties like the TMC and the communists will hinder the economic growth of the country and may lead the country towards a massive economic crisis. Similarly the urban educated voters also feel that a Third Front will only create chaos in the country. Also the media is against such front as they argue that for national interest it is only a national party or an alliance led by a national party will be suitable to govern the nation.

 The interesting aspect will be in this election if the Narendra Modi government fails to reach its 200 mark and if the Congress wins more than 125 seats then there will be a possibility of the formation of a Third Front.  The Congress has become so desperate that they will support the Third Front in order to stop the BJP from forming the government. However these are just mere speculations and the scenario will be clear after the last two legs of voting is completed.



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