Poll Violence not new in Mamata Banerjee's West Bengal

Published : Apr 23, 2019 09:23 am | By: Priya Ghosh

Poll Violence not new in Mamata Banerjee


After the Left were defeated by the Mamata Banerjee government in Bengal the people were relieved and thought that they would not have to witness and experience violence anymore but unfortunately the TMC also didn't prove to be any good and there has been poll related atrocities which has shaken and stirred the state all along.

 Voting in India is in full swing as the 2019 polls the nation’s most significant event took off after extensive campaigning by the leading political parties of the country. As the second phase of voting progressed, in Bengal the ruling partyTrinamool Congress who is well known for its poll atrocities even in the past years, struck again and there were violence witnessed across various constituencies in the state.

 The shameful incident of voters being discriminated on the lines of relegion came into the forefront in Raigunj district as some Hindu voters alleged that few were stopped from going towards the polling booth.  In 2017 national election, the Raiganj constituency is one of the two seats from where the Left had won from Bengal .  The situation in the places where the polls were conducted seemed to be grim with shops closed and roads deserted. This reflects how in certain parts of the state people get traumatised during voting.


Hindu voters at a village in the constituency have alleged that while some were stopped from proceeding towards the polling booth and few others claimed that false votes had been cast on their names  as they approached the polling booths in the morning.Also there has been reports of booth capturing and a Left party leaders convoy was attacked by unidentified men and bullet were fired along with bricks and stones being hurled, The sorry state of affairs and the violence is not first of its kind in the state  

The constituency of Raigunj was considered to be the stronghold of the Congress .The Congress' leaderPriya Ranjan Dasmunshi won the election by a huge margin in 1994  and 2000. In the present scenario the BJP has fielded Debasree Chaudhuri from Raiganj. And former  Congress MLA Kanaialal Agarwal, who is now a part of TMC is also contesting from Raniganj.

The situation in West Bengal has become so bad that an election officer has said that in West Bengal people have lost faith in the state police to central forces should be deployed in polling booths to take control of the situation. However this disnt go well with the Trinamool Congress and the party has called him biased and has demanded that the officer be recalled from the state.Meanwhile another poll officer went missing from Nadia district and his wife has said that there could be some sort of foul play involved in his disappearance.

The state has a history of violence and even during the panchayat polls the atrocities surfaced where it was claimed that at least 8 people were killed and several injured and this showed that democracy was crushed and battered in the state.  Three CPM workers were attacked and killed in three separate incidents of violence. They were attacked by crude bombs. Similarly a BJP worker also died in a crude bomb attack in Murshidabad's Beldanga. Not just other parties but the violence led to the killing of TMC’s workers as well. The inability of controlling the volatile situations also shows the ineffective administrative qualities of the Mamata Banerjee led TMC government in the state of Bengal. At that time the State Election Commission had apparently taken action against the Mamata Banerjee led government and the goon  culture of the TMC became evident.  So the poll related violence are quite common and even during the 2013 panchayat elections, there were complaints against the TMC regarding intimidation and rigging and almost 24 people were reported dead in such violence.

After wiping off the Left party in Bengal, Mamata Banerjee promised the people of Bengal that it would make the state devoid of any form of violence which the Left party were masters of and pledged to give the people of the state with paribartan or development which would shape the future of the state for betterment. Unfortunately the goons of the TMC have created havoc and they seem to the replicas of the CPI-M goons. The slogan of Banerjee at the time when she won was ‘Bodla noy Bodol’ which literally means that her party came into power not to take revenge but for change and to work for the development and welfare of the people of Bengal.  But the perception of the people about Banerjee has changed and her stand has changed to nothing but flexing muscles. In fact there are debates and discussions which go on amongst not just the opposition parties in Bengal but also the general public that in whose reign most poll related deaths were witnessed? The CPIM or the Trinamool Congress and most of the time people have said that it is during the  TMC.rule.

In recent times the party seems jittery due to the advent of the BJP in the state of Bengal and they are feeling threatened by the BJP as the saffron party has become their sole challenger and is gaining prominence in the state quite steadily. So the TMC has all the more reasons this time to create chaos and damage the polling system.

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