Mamata Banerjee plans to skip opposition meet. Is it a new strategy?

Published : Jan 11, 2020 04:49 pm | By: priya ghosh

Mamata Banerjee plans to skip opposition meet. Is it a new strategy?


Mamata Banerjee has always raised eyebrows by her actions. Recently she announced that she will boycott the opp[osition meeting called against the CAA and the NRC. Not just that she is also planning on sharing the stage with PM Modi during his visit to Kolkata. So it is perplexing for people and it is hard to understand what she really wants.

West Bengal  Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who has been raising her voice against the Central government on their policies and the latest CAA NRC and JNU attack issues, has now decided to boycott the opposition meeting which will be convened by   Congress president Sonia Gandhi.She said she will not support the left party and the Congress as they unleashed violence in Bengal on the strike day. This comes as a surprise as Didi has been planning to unite the opposition against the BJP government and now she herself is backing out from a significant meeting.

 As per the TMC the 24-hour strike called by Central trade unions in Bengal was marked by stray incidents of arson and violence and blocking of roads and railway tracks by protestors. She also mentioned that she would not tolerate the double standards of the Left and the Congress. Earlier she was against the bandh which was called over the CAA. She made it clear that though she is against CAA, she will not support any strike-related to it. She also added that a strike is something that gives trouble to the citizens and the exchequer also has to suffer due to it. However, some feel that this is also another strategy of Banerjee but it might not sit well with the oppositions she was trying to join hands with. It is very confusing for people as it is getting difficult to understand her  stance.

Meanwhile, sources say that Didi is planning a close-door meeting with PM Modi during his visit in Kolkata. If this happens then she will have to answer the people of Bengal. In Bengal, scores of students and teachers and celebrities have been protesting against the CAA, NRC, and the JNU attack. They are fighting against what they say BJP’s divisive politics. Mamata had once stood by them and supported their cause but now she seems to be playing another card and yet again might disappoint the people of Bengal. There are speculations doing the rounds that Did is planning an alliance with the BJP in Bengal or at a National level?

Didi earlier was urging the opposition to stand united against the BJP government and now she herself refuses to stand by them. During the time when she staged a protest in support of  Bengal top cop Rajeev Kumar and she sought support from parties like DMK RJD SP and even Congress. Later also she urged the opposition to stand united against a whole lot of policies implemented by the central government. It will be interesting to watch what Didi has to unfold as all eyes are on her at the moment.

 Meanwhile, Kolkata is being converted into a fortress with very tight security as PM Modi is set to visit the city and foolproof security arrangements have been made and measures like barricades will be put up along the edges of the roads from the airport to the city along with extra security cover along this stretch, some sources are also saying that the CM might share the stage with Modi. Now this will be a shocker for many as she has been vehemently opposing the policies made by Modi and his government. She has been firm that she will never allow  NRC and CAA to be implemented in her state. Then if she goes on sharing the stage with the saffron party then it might agitate a lot of people.

  There are reports that various organizations, related to the Left parties would protest against Modi’s visit and will show him black flags after his arrival at the airport. However, TMC has not spoken about any such protests and they seem to be quiet about the PM’s visit. A senior TMC leader, meanwhile compared Banerjee’s decision to skip the Delhi meeting to Mahatma Gandhi’s decision in 1922 to halt the non-cooperation movement after the Chauri Chaura incident happened which killed at least  25 people, a majority of whom were policemen.

 In the political circles, the argument about Banerjee’s strategy of skipping the opposition meet in Delhi is that the TMC supremo is not keen on putting too much pressure on the saffron party when they are facing a whole lot of challenges and a sense of hatred from the people all across the country. This strategy might benefit her in several ways. Like one argument is that the BJP will be indebted to her and despite not being a formal ally the TMC will be able to demand anything from the. The other reason may be that if the BJP and TMC are in an informal alliance then it will damage the image of the BJP more in the state. This happened once during the Jyoti Basu regime as CM, it was said that the congress was the B team of the CPIM and both the parties were in a non-hostile relationship and it was widely whispered that the B team propaganda led to the wiping out of the Congress from Bengal. Some think that this might be the case that might happen with the BJP in the state. However, all eyes are now on what Mamata Banerjee will do next.


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