NRC: The Final List and Its Implications

Published : Sep 05, 2019 09:36 am | By: M D Sridharan

NRC: The Final List and Its Implications


The much-awaited final NRC list has created quite a stir as around 19 lakh people have been excluded.

The BJP after coming to power has taken some path-breaking decisions which will help to shape the future of the country. One of which was the National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) final list which is finally out. The most debated and much-awaited list has created quite a stir as around 19 lakh people has been excluded from the NRC. The main motive behind this step of the Centre was to exclude illegal migrants and include the actual people of the state. The government would do anything to make genuine Indians a part of the final list.  However there have been widespread protests all across the northeast, even before the list was out. People feared that the indigenous individuals would be left out and foreigners might get included. But the government promised that citizens who belonged to India will be given the due rights.Even after the list is out the people who are excluded will not be detained and they will also enjoy equal rights, as per the foreign ministry. The government has also emphasised that they would assist individuals who approach them with appeals and will guide them with detailed information.

The main motive behind the list was to weed out illegal migrants who had over the years settled down in the state of Assam. The BJP government took up this risky endeavour to ensure that the Indian citizens should get their proper rights and they have assured that it is not the end of the world. However many people are blaming the government for this step and they believe that it is nothing but a political agenda for the government. But a large section of people have also thanked the BJP government and the Supreme Court for taking such an initiative and they feel that at least now the difference between a foreigner and an Indian can be established.

Keeping in mind the protests and disappointment, the ruling party is planning to approach the top court for the re-verification of the list in certain parts of the state. A portion of the Hindu migrants have been left out from the list which the BJP feels should be looked into. The next step for the Centre is to pass the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the parliament which will make it easier for the non- Muslim individuals from the neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh to become Indian nationals.

The NRC updating has been a non-discriminatory process which has been directly monitored by the Supreme Court so there is no room for injustice in such a process. It is a matter of time the people of India will realize its long term implications.  The NRC is intended to record genuine citizens who are Indian and identify the infiltrators who have been entering the northeast from the bordering countries. This had become a huge challenge for the north-eastern states as they could not handle this problem of infiltration. So the government has made the effort of checking the illegal infiltration starting with Assam.  The implementation of the NRC is a mammoth effort and a detailed analysis is required in order to make it effective in other parts of the country. The government was well aware of the challenges it will have to face yet it took the risk for the long term welfare of the country and its citizens.

 There has been a lingering issue of infiltration in the bordering states, especially from Bangladesh due to which the locals have always felt marginalized in their own homeland. This has triggered to socio ethnic tensions in the bordering states. There was a six-year-long violent agitation which Assam had to witness. There were several diplomatic measures and border management steps which were taken but failed. The government has taken upon a difficult task of tackling infiltration and the NRC might not be the only way which can solve the problem.

 Although the intent behind the declaration of the NRC was an effort by the BJP government was to preserve the identity of the citizens of the country and not allow foreigners to invade it. However, a lot of people including the names of Bengali Hindus and Army personnel’s have been excluded and the activists and Opposition parties are calling it a humanitarian crisis. The BJP itself is not very happy about the outcome and are seeking a review of the NRC list.

Some of the leaders are looking at the Modi government to implement certain legislative measures to fix the problem. It has been observed that only half the number which was claimed by the BJP earlier turned out to be outsiders. The campaign of removing the infiltrators was a huge part of BJP’s campaign and it helped them win the 2019 Lok Sabha election. But now there are an array of people who are not infiltrators but citizens also don’t have their names on the list so the government needs to fix this problem in order to get their ball rolling.





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