Published : Mar 21, 2020 07:58 pm | By: M D Sridharan




SRAM & MRAM group in association with AccoBiotech SDN. BHD. has developed a first of its kind Rapid Diagnostic test kit for COVID-19 infection.  As the outbreak of the corona virus has affected more than 100 countries and the governments are struggling to combat the deadly COVID-19 virus. With more than a lakh people affected across the globe and over 5000 dead, WHO has declared COVID-19 as  pandemic disease and urged the countries to step up the protective measures to save their people.

Considering the severity of the problem, as currently there is no vaccine which can effectively cure the novel COVID -19, the Rapid Diagnostic test kit will be a boon. The COVID-19, with its epicentre in China, the COVID-19, has gradually spread and threatening the world by increasing by the minute. At this juncture, a testing methodology without using molecular tests as the base was the need of the hour.   Accobiotech and its team of zealous professionals burnt the midnight oil and have now invented the best and only easy to test diagnostic kit exclusively for COVID-19. Launched in Malaysia, the testing kit is expected to be available in India  in another 2-3 weeks.

SRAM & MRAM has been at the forefront of cutting edge technologies in the fields of GPS, PPS, VPS, AI, Big Data, biotechnology and hence best suited to deal with the technological innovations that are being proposed for in the fields of bio technology and the healthcare verticals.   Big data analytics and artificial intelligence is going to be used extensively for the development of all the business verticals aligned with Healthcare industry.  

Accobiotech Sdn Bhd is on a novel mission of designing, developing and patenting technologies that are created for the betterment of humanity. With global customers panning across Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Penang etc through its 500 + global channel partners in countries of Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, India, Philippine, Thailand, Middle East and Africa.    In fact Accobiotech R & D facility is the First & Only facility into Full Fledge RDT Manufacturing In Malaysia, GMP Status, ISO certified, CE US Patent (No; 9,354,234), Recognized as BIOTECH company by BIOTECHCORP & MIDA and Ministry of International Trade and Industry: Awarded Manufacturing License for “Diagnostic Test Kits”. 

Speaking at the press conference, Dr.Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman of SRAM & MRAM group & Sivalingam Chairman of Accobiotech Sdn Bhd, have reiterated that the COVID-19 epidemic is taking gigantic proportions, awareness becomes the key ingredient in stopping its iron like grip.   Awareness and the ability to identify the threat at stage 1 will be the key in stopping the spread of the COVID-19.  Hence SRAM-Acco COVID-19 IgM/IgG device is the best and fastest solution to identifying the threat.   The device is a chromatographic immunoassay kit for the rapid and differential detection of immunoglobulin M (lgM) and immunoglobulin G (IgG) against COVID-19 using serum, plasma and whole blood.

Congratulating the entire team of AccoBiotech and SRAM & MRAM for developing the test kit,  Dr.Mohsin Wali, a renowned cardiologist and a  Padma Shri Awardee,  said, “I would like to congratulate and advocate the Test Kit as has been manufactured by AccoBiotech, Malaysia and SRAM and MRAM. I have seen their clinical tests and I am fully satisfied with the results. I believe that this testing kit shall serve as a boon to the entire world which is reeling under the serious threat of Corona Virus. This kit is very useful and shall largely help in easing out the suspected cases at the airports as also at various hospitals”. Dr.Mohsin Wali also congratulated Area Importers and Exporters (P) Ltd. for having brought the extremely useful kit to India at the crucial juncture. Dr. Moshin Wali has served as a honorary physician to the former Presidents  R. Venkataraman and  Shankar Dayal Sharma and Pranab Mukherjee.

SRAM & MRAM has already tied up with healthcare company Area Healthcare Services Private Limited, headed by Chaitanya Aggarwal, culturing bacteria’s for waste water solutions and desalination, for distributing the product in the Entire Asian Region.  Aggarwal has been at the forefront of bacterial culture for various activities including but not limited to desalination, waste water management, oil eating bacteria.  He has pioneered the art of bacteriology.  

Exelon Industrial Solutions, headed by the dynamic  Mohammad Mansoor, will be distributing the SRAM – Acco products in the GCC. Mansoor has been involved with the development of the Kingdom of Bahrain for over two decades now and has the ability to be a game changer.

OPS Group Corporation Limited, headed by Ms. RATCHATANAN KIRILEANG, an enigmatic and charismatic lady and leader from Thailand has been at the forefront of economic upliftment of the country through her various companies both profit and non – profit.  With the group having interests in a wide variety of business verticals they seem to be the best choice to take the onus for ousting the COVID-19 virus from Thailand which has put a dent into the biggest tourist destination of the Far East.