BJP all set to woo Bengal during Durga Puja

Published : Sep 27, 2019 02:19 pm | By: M D Sridharan

BJP all set to woo Bengal during Durga Puja


With an eye on the 2021 assembly election, BJP is actively involving in the Durga Puja celebrations across the state to consolidate its position. .

The state of Bengal is getting ready to celebrate Durga Puja with great pomp and zest. so is the BJP. The Saffron party is s gearing up to kick start  the election campaign for the 2021 assembly election this Puja. The festival is one of the biggest festivities in Bengal and the saffron party is planning on cashing in on this occasion to its fullest. After the stupendous victory of the party, all over West Bengal, the party has prepared  a blueprint, which among many things include strengthening the grass root level organizations and also to put in place a  proper mechanism to induct TMC leaders. The saffron party is looking at winning at least 250 seats in the Assembly elections. It gained huge momentum after it won 18 out of 42 seats in the 2019 LS election which was unbelievable for the Mamata Banerjee government as it was only four seats less than the TMC. The TMC had won 22 seats. The visibly shaken Mamata Didi and her party members did not expect this kind of response for the BJP from the people of Bengal and it became evident that the people now have a special place for the BJP.

 As power sources, on the day of Mahalaya which marks the arrival of Goddess Durga, J P Nadda, Working President of the BJP,  is  likely perform the ritual called Tarpon, by which homage is paid to the ancestors. Nadda will also be paying his respects to the BJP workers who have lost their lives in political violence in the state.  The BJP’s Mahila Morcha in Bengal has also planned on celebrating this day in a grand manner. The members are likely to gather in large numbers by the river Ganges as part of the prabhat pheri or the morning assembly. The BJP has also formed puja committees that will oversee the groupings of Lok Sabha constituencies in the state. Every committee will have one Lok Sabha MP, one representative of the state and one representative of the district. Their duty is to go to the constituencies which fall under their confines and interact with the people there to make them aware of the policies of the BJP. The policy which will top the list is the NRC, A few days back Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee met with Amit Shah and discussed the NRC issue with him. She mentioned that the exercise in Assam should not harm or exclude the genuine citizens of India which includes Bengali speaking residents of the state.

Amit Shah is also scheduled to address a rally in Bengal before the Pujas and the  BJP is confident that the rally will get a huge response   Sources mentioned that during Shah’s visit, he will be meeting with the party workers in Bengal to formulate a plan of action for the assembly election. He will also be inaugurating several Puja pandals where the party members  plan to set up tea stalls and interact with the general public. The final day of the puja will be graced by the BJP mahila morcha workers who will participate in the ritual called Sindur Khela It is a ritual where the married Bengali women play with sindur in front of Ma Durga. This will happen across Puja pandals where the workers will also engage in conversation with people.

 However Mamata Banerjee is not so bothered about the preparations which are being done by the BJP as she and her party are confident about bouncing back to power in 2021 and that the saffron party’s dream will never come true, This notion of Banerjee might not be correct this time as the saffron party has already made waves in the state and have impressed the people of Bengal and that’s the reason why so many people voted for them. The BJP is emerging as a party who is standing for the cause of Bengalis. They plan on focusing on issues like industrialization which will help create jobs if they are voted to power.

 There has already been a tectonic shift indicated in Bengali politics after the Lok Sabha poll results with the BJP entering Bengal as a key player and succeeding in changing the equation totally in the state and wiping out the oppositions Congress and CPI (M).and being the sole challenger to the TMC. The way that the BJP is gearing up to it surely will make an impact. Another significant aspect of the preparations is that the BJP also plans to revamp its organizational structure in the state especially in districts and rural areas and the party members will try reaching out to various sections in districts and villages. This is the reason that the party has chosen the time of Durga Puja as the outreach  programme will be effective during this period of time as people will be out celebrating.


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