BJP in Bengal plans to tackle situation post by poll debacle

Published : Dec 06, 2019 09:26 am | By: priya ghosh

BJP in Bengal plans to tackle situation post by poll debacle


The TMC after sweeping the by-polls in Bengal has created a difficult situation for the BJP in the state. With workers of the saffron party, switching over to the TMC , the saffron party needs to strengthen its stance before the 2021 assembly elections

After the TMC’s clean sweep in the state assembly by-polls, over 300 party workers from the Congress and the BJP have switched over to the TMC which clearly shows that  Mamata  Banerjee and her TMC have regained the lost faith in Bengal to a certain extent. In a tremendous boost to the TMC, the party won all three assembly constituencies of  Kaliaganj, Kharagpur Sadar and Karimpur. This has led the saffron party to review the situation and how it got out of hand.

The by-poll was extremely significant for both the TMC and the BJP before the 2021 assembly elections and to their shock, the BJP ended up getting very few votes. This was the last thing that they were expecting as they had made significant inroads in Bengal gaining the confidence of the people. However, it did not work and before the 2021 assembly polls, the NJP needs to gear up and get down to working very hard to regain hold in the state. The BJP has blamed the electoral process in the state and said that the TMC workers were responsible for booth capturing and they threatened the BJP election agents and chased them away from the booths.  The Kharagpur Sadar and Kaliaganj seats were strongholds for the BJP and losing them has been a matter of prestige.  The Kaliganj seat was won by the TMC for the first time.

 Although the BJP leaders in Bengal believe that due to lack of experience the party lost in the by-polls and that is will not reflect the 2021 state assembly elections, they have also emphasized that the party and their workers will work with utmost vigor and see to it that they correct their mistakes and move forward in regaining the lost grounds. Since the party feels that the NRC and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) campaign is a key reason behind their failure in the by-polls, the West Bengal BJP has decided they would conduct workshops and classes for the party workers so they can promote the same in a proper manner. The leaders of Bengal, BJP will train the workers as to how they will convince the Hindu voters about NRC and CAB and that they should not fear being left out. Mamata has been countering the NRC agenda and this made her successful in pushing back the saffron party surge. The Chief Minister’s image as a grass-root mass leader has been reinstated as she introduced a slew of policies including the  land regularisation for refugee colonies, digital identification cards of citizens etc and these proved to yield a positive result for her

 Not just Mamata Banerjee and her party in Bengal, but the entire opposition in Maharashtra is also rejoicing after the success of the Maha Vikas Aghadi’. The Uddhav Thackerey led government in Maharashtra was formed after a long-drawn drama. As per the social media and mainstream media, Sharad Pawar became the new Chanakya who fought till the end united the opposition and made Uddhav Thackerey the new CM making all the efforts of the saffron party futile.Mamata Banerjee congratulated Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray, NCP chief Sharad Pawar and Congress leader Balasaheb Thorat for getting together and forming a new government she also said that she would be looking forward to a pro-people which would work for the all-round development of the people of Maharashtra. She had earlier commented that the resignation of Devendra Fadnavis was the best gift on the Constitution day.

 After the by poll debacle in Bengal, the BJP’s foremost strategy should be to build a sound communication system with the voters. In Bengal, the Bjp leadership had been blaming the TMC chief Mamata of inducing fear in the people regarding NRC and misguiding them. And the people seemed to have believed the TMC and have therefore voted for them. Along with it, some key members of the saffron party feel that factionalism along with the NRC issue hampered the prospects of the party in the state.  Few BJP leaders feel that the NRC fear not just helped the TMC to garner votes from minorities but also the Hindus who feared being displaced voted for them.

 Now the saffron party will have to gain substantial grounds in the 2021 assembly polls and for that, it requires improving leadership in the state as there is a section of the BJP in the state which is questioning its own party’s course of action. The issue of NRC which is essentially a non-issue in the state became the primary reason for the failure of the BJP. To effectively counter the TMC in Bengal issues like job creation, investments in industry, the welfare of farmers should have been addressed as per few state BJP leaders.

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दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री अरविंद केजरीवाल आज कर रहे हैं नामांकन

इतिहासकार रामचंद्र गुहा ने की राहुल गांधी की आलोचना

जम्मू-कश्मीर के डीएसपी देवेंद्र सिंह के खिलाफ यूएपीए (UAPA) के तहत मामला दर्ज

वरिष्ठ वकील इंदिरा जयसिंग पर भड़कीं निर्भया की मां आशा देवी

पूर्व SAI प्रमुख नीलम कपूर: यौन उत्पीड़न के मामलों की संख्या पहले से ज्यादा बढ़ी!

असदुद्दीन ओवैसी ने सीडीएस जनरल बिपिन रावत से पूछा- अखलाक और पहलु खान के हत्यारों को कौन समझाएगा ?

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तबरेज अंसारी मॉब लिंचिंग मामले में एक और खबर ने मचाई सनसनी

भारत की दो महिलाओं ने चंद्रयान-2 मिशन में निभाया अहम रोल

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असम में अस्पताल की बड़ी लापरवाही

चूड़ियों से गणेश की मूर्ति तैयार

आज चाँद पर उतर जायेगा भारत का यान

नवरात्रि के मौके पर सूरत में टैटू की बढ़ी मांग

जिंदाबाद और अमर रहे के नारे शहीदों के परिवारों और बच्चों के खाली पेट नहीं भर सकते ।”