Mamata Banerjee and her poll strategies in outdoing BJP in Bengal

Published : Apr 12, 2019 10:19 am | By: Priya Ghosh

Mamata Banerjee and her poll strategies in outdoing BJP in Bengal


The state of West Bengal has become a battleground ahead of the 2019 LS polls with the BJP gaining momentum. The state which only had the TMC dominating, now is threatened by the saffron party and CM Mamata Banerjee is formulating all possible strategies to wipe out BJP from the state.

  Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has always been the firebrand leader who has had the ability to turn around the dynamics of the state of Bengal. She had taken up the challenge of decimating the left from the state and was successful in doing so. Now in the year 2019 when the entire nation is gearing up for the general elections, Banerjee too is preparing to give a tough fight to the only challenger the BJP in the state. Things have taken a dramatic turn since the time of the Left rule and in the years that she became the CM she played havoc in terms of snatching away the leaders from the Left and Congress including their MLA’s and securing her parties position in the state.

 However a certain section of the state is disillusioned by the Mamata Banerjee government due to her appeasement policies and also her [party being involved in the chit fund scam and also worsening of the law and order situation in Bengal. These are some of the factors which paved way for the ruling party BJP to make an entry into the state and are also helping the party to gain popularity in the state.

 Besides this the Left had for long impaired the minds of people against Banerjee but for now there is no Left or for that matter any strong opposition to challenge her. Now her only challenger is the BJP and people are slowly shifting towards them slowly and steadily. Banerjee’s one time right hand Mukul Roy who laid the foundation of TMC with her joined the BJP. There were others also who shifted their loyalty and this has shaken the confidence of the TMC leading them to drastically strategize against the ruling party to hinder their advances in the state.

 Ever since Banerjee and her party ahs sensed that the BJP has gained momentum in Bengal, they are making the best possible efforts to destroy their existence. Beginning with the massive drama which unfolded between her and the CBI over the investigation of Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar. She accused the Centre of pursuing a political vendetta and staged a protest claiming that she wanted to save the constitution. She also got the other opposition parties to join the protest and established that as a united front they can together wipe out the BJP.  She also hosted a mega rally with all the opposition leaders and had pledged to form a mahagatbandhan against the saffron party. However this idea flopped and the BJP did not see it as a threat and have not stopped campaigning aggressively in the state. Despite the CM’s efforts of not allowing them to hold rallies in the state stating various reasons. 

 The latest effort or strategy we can call ahead of the elections is hue and cry being made by the CM over the Election Commissions’ decision of transferring police officers  Banerjee  said that that it carried an "arbitrary, motivated" order on transfer of state police officials "at the behest of the ruling party at the Centre".

 Banerjee after declaring her candidates conceded that the 2019 election for her was a huge challenge and somehow made it clear that the BJP was her main challenger and that she was willing to campaign against the ruling party in Modi’s constituency Varanasi if she was invited by Mayawati or Akhislesh.

 TMC is strategizing their poll plans in a very calculated manner they have been changing and cutting the list of candidates. For example the TMC national secretary Subrata Bakshi suddenly opted out of the   very coveted dakshin seat and made way for Kolkata Municipal Corporation chairperson Mala Roy, an experienced individual in terms of administration and managing the party. The list of candidates is a mix of political players and also has 17 women candidates. Banerjee is well known for inclusing film stars and this time also somr ewell known actresses of Bengal has been roped in as candidates.

 It has been observed that changes have been made essentially in areas which witnessed a saffron surge since the 2018 panchayat polls like Bankura, Jhargram, Midnapore and Bolpur. The party put forward the widow of the recently murdered MLA, Subrata Biswas, they also replaced well known MP Tapas Pal in Krishnanagar with Karimpur MLA Mahua Moitra.It is evident that these changes are being made by the party after the BJp has gained prominence in the state.

 The Bengal CM briefed her party members on how to take on BJP and asked them to talk about the achievements of the TMC and also to campaign about how the Nerendra Modi regime has failed to satisfy the people of the country.

The TMC supremo also said that the 7 phase polling in West Bengal was also a game plan of the BJP to disturb the functioning of the state and that it will cause inconvenience to the voters. She was quite disappointed with the announcement but at the same time said that politically her party is not bothered about the seven phases. Banerjee has also been constantly holding meetings with the opposition parties against the BJP and has said that she with the help of the support of the opposition will do anything to save the constitution and protect the federal structure.

We believe that Banerjee and her party is planning a long shot and that Banerjee has full confidence that she can become the Prime Minister of the country one day. Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy had said that Banerjee has all the leadership capabilities of leading a nation.The TMC leaders have said that they plan is to win 30 seats out of 42 and emerge as the largest non- Congress and non- BJP party elevating Mamata Banerjee to the position of the Prime Minister of the country.

 However as of now the main task of Banerjee a and her party is to tackle the BJP as it already knows that the saffron party has made a huge impact on the people of Bengal which is a threat to the TMC as till now they were the only players in the state.



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