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SRAM MRAM TECHNOLOGIES AND RESOURCES LTD, a leading diversified business conglomerate headquartered in the United Kingdom, has opened a 100% subsidiary SRAMMRAM TECHNOLOGIES AND RESOURCES (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED, headquartered in the India.

The objective of the  subsidiary will be to source high demand pan-Indian news and current affairs content along with information on business and technologies and distribute it through a global network across the Americas, Europe, Far East and Australia. The initial objective is limited to meeting the huge vacuum existing in generating quality content at the grassroots exclusively for the Indian Diaspora spread across the global community as well as to cater to the netizens of India who are deprived of genuine grassroots level information which has become difficult to assimilate in an era where the Indian media industry is termed the second most corrupt media worldwide. The concept is to create a global village that has access to all the information out of the Indian Sub-continent on its fingertips.

The aim will be to synergise the strengths of Sram Tecnologies as an integrator of information at the base level and use the global reach of SRAM which could change the way news is perceived and viewed. The whole market dynamics will be reworked based on the way the news will be gathered and distributed.

The spirit is to achieve the “For an Indian, of an Indian and by an Indian”.

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जिंदाबाद और अमर रहे के नारे शहीदों के परिवारों और बच्चों के खाली पेट नहीं भर सकते ।”

भारत की दो महिलाओं ने चंद्रयान-2 मिशन में निभाया अहम रोल